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We live in Perth and have almost all our lives lived in the very same city. The books store round the corner, the tower clock ringing and the birds sitting on the fence near the ambassador’s statue. These places have remained the same since god knows when and sometimes feel the city has stopped moving forward . The city does get festival lights and a bit of tourists in the summers but it drags on and ends soon. By the way our summers come when your winters are on full throttle with the highest freezing points. Agoda promo codes have made the travelling ease as possible.

I was one day whining about how things were so stagnant in my home city Perth and how me and Laura should change our place or at least go out and see a new city. Laura has always been the one who plans everything for me but this time I felt we both had a huge contribution in deciding our location.  WE had this list of cities written and folded and we both twice got Canberra.

After going through a wholesome list of booking websites I felt Agoda Australia did justice to their popularity and helped us a lot. Firstly we created an account on Agoda and instantly the Agoda and its team sent us an Agoda discount code. We were very happy to receive this as it made our journey much easier and I felt for the first time that things were getting easier and travelling with my best friend was after all not a bad idea.

Canberra the city that never ceases to amaze me :

Canberra is the largest in land city and is also the capital of Australia . This city holds the most population in the whole of Australia and we were just aiming forward to look at some of the most fun attractions at Canberra . While searching out for accommodations and nearby best places , Agoda helped us out again with their customer reviews. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see such an extensive review of all the places . For our accommodation Agoda Coupon codes made us choose a better room , with a better view at a much lower price and I loved the park lane and botanical garden in front of our window.

I personally feel our trip became huge success only because of all the assistance and discount helps we got from Agoda. You won’t believe this but Agoda and their team was kind enough to even spare us an Agoda  Promo code for the next time if we planned on travelling any other city of Australia. What sheer luck we had you should definitely try Agoda Australia the next time you plan your visit, personal experience.

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